Destinations is the result of a project we were assigned in Film School.

The idea was to shoot a scene from the BBC tv drama ‘This Life’ . After many negotiations we were allowed to write our own scene, as long as the characters were related to the characters of the TV drama.

I tried to write a scene that could work as a self-contained short, and alter the characters as much as I could.

Destinations is a film about two friends who share the same house but have different viewpoints in life. Mark is a young barrister focused on his career while Gregg is stuck on the couch, smoking weed and constantly looking for a job that suits him. Mark confronts him about his unwillingness to focus on finding a steady job and Gregg tries to explain his aspirations and concerns- the fact that he is stoned doesn’t really help him get his point across though.

It was shot on a Sony EX 3


Andrew Jardine- Mark

Oliver Park-Gregg

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