Supernatural Investigation

So , I figured I need a category for dreams since I dream often and my dreams are quite…special. Morpheus  has been kind enough to offer me the opportunity to witness some awesome things like : a fight between humans and aliens on a glacier, gangster stories- lots of them, a post-apocalyptic city in the middle of a desert, a jungle expedition, an undead shape shifting puppeteer etc. I have to point out the fact that in my dreams I can be any character; female, male, cat, dog, stone…anything.

Nightmares are also welcome, since they offer a horror film experience. The only thing I can’t stand is having no dreams at all, which happens in periods of stress.

This is a dream that I had recently which I found interesting, mostly because it was so ridiculous:

I was a detective consulting a psychic , as they do. I was stuck during a case and I needed her advice. I have no idea what the case was, but I did know that the scene was taking place in a location of importance concerning the case. She was sitting down  on the other end of a table which was placed in a dark corridor. She was mixing some bizarre-looking  liquids, stirring again and again. In the end she offered me a glass.  One important detail is that my laptop was open on the table for some reason.

‘Drink this’, she said, ‘and the past will be revealed to you’

I hesitated a bit and then I drank the bluish liquid. Everything became hazy and time slowed down as if I had smoked something really good. I was indeed seeing this place as it was in the past – modern devices were missing and the decoration was different, a bit more plain. I went to a room that must have been important and I looked around for clues. It looked like a bedroom, with a desk and a bookcase.  After a thorough investigation I found a couple of old photographs which I took back to the psychic.

However, when I arrived to the table I discovered with horror that the screen of my laptop was completely bent in a shape that suggested that it was beyond repair.

‘What happened here?’ I asked, really pissed off with her.

‘No no, it’s alright’ She told me. ‘When the potion is ready there is a large amount of energy released. Electronic devices get damages sometimes, but once the effects wear off they turn back to normal’.

Of course that wasn’t enough to calm me down, so I remember nothing about the detective story. The rest of the dream for me was time spent worrying about how the hell I can get my laptop fixed.

I think it was one of the most useless dreams I ever had story wise, so it made an impression on me.


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