The excitement of first drafts

I feel compelled to announce that Giulia and I recently finished writing the first draft of our feature film and…it took two  weeks and a couple of days. Is that a good time? It must be. Frankly I have no idea. This is the first feature film script I have ever written. The collaboration has been smoother than we expected. I suppose after years of knowing each other we have come to realise how stubborn we both are so instead of having endless arguments we decided to give each other some creative space.

What I enjoyed the most was killing off my characters in original and bloody ways. What I enjoyed the least was trying to swap American  insults for English ones. I have to admit, even though I have been living  in the U.K for five years and I was in the States for…about eight days I still prefer swearing the American way; The words just flow better, it’s something beyond my control.

It’s kind of a zombie film…kind of. I don’t want to reveal the plot just yet but I can give you an excerpt :


ROB is showing WEST a card from behind the fence.


Look at it man!It’s got my face on it, my name and my enrollment date. What more do you want?


Student ID is not an acceptable form of identification.


What the hell is wrong with you?


Rob…he’s got a gun.

DOUG turns to check behind him. The zombies are drawing closer.


They’re picking up pace guys.


Let us in for fuck’s sake!


I’ve got my orders. I am gonna have to ask you to step back.

WEST lifts up his gun slightly as a warning


It’s no good…we gotta run. Come on Rob. Come on.

He grabs ROB’s arm and they all run away. As they are leaving ROB flips WEST off from a distance.

Other characters include a zombie biker, a sadistic cult leader, a middle-class family traveling in a camper van, a lieutenant still waiting to receive orders (even after the apocalypse), a teenage stoner who sympathises with the plight of the zombies,  a hipster zombie hunter and many, many others. Our philosophy throughout this project has been ‘If we are going to write something this long we might as well have fun doing it’. So far I think we have accomplished our goal.

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