Most memorable random flirting attempts

Paraphrased, of course, because it would be kind of weird if I remembered the exact words.

In the UK:

  • ‘Do you mind if I I push you over and kill you?’ -drunk guy in uni house party. I was sitting on a ledge. We arranged a duel on a field over uni at dawn, I chose sword as a weapon.
  • ‘I have a band. We are practicing in this studio under the bridge. So, wanna give me your number so we can go out for a coffee?’ – band member I casually followed under a dark bridge so he could point me to the train station entrance.
  • Excuse me, I just wanted to tell you that you kind of look like a bumblebee’–  Guy outside Finsbury park station. I don’t think he was actually flirting with me, he just felt the need to say that my shirt made an impression on him. He told me he doesn’t usually meet people who look like bumblebees. I told him I don’t usually meet people who tell me I look like a bumblebee.
  • ‘I just want to look into your eyes and hear ‘ I do’-Nigerian neighbor that I met 10 minutes before who held my hands and started singing in mid conversation. It was like a really badly written Disney film.
  • ‘Ok, do you have any friends?’ Response to ‘ I have a boyfriend’ by guy walking on the opposite sidewalk.
  • ‘Let’s go for a picnic! at night! Next date, we’ll have a drink in a cave!’ – Guy who thought we are all characters in a Raindance film

In Greece:

  • ‘ Excuse me, which way is it to go left?’ – Guys in car, asking me and my friend for directions
  • Co-passenger talking about fate, honesty and taking our chances throughout the entire bus ride so he could give me his business card and say something about how he was afraid to look into my eyes cause he would get burnt. Is that even a good thing?’
  • ‘Hey, wanna go for a swim?’,  ‘No thanks, I’m just coming back from the sea’ ,’Ok, wanna have a shower in my place?’ – Clever guy on a seaside town during the summer
  • ‘My name is so-and-so but friends call me Hades’– That’s what you get for hanging out in heavy metal bars.
  • ‘You’re not getting through unless I buy you a beer’ – Huge viking guy blocking the door to the freaking bathroom. I said no thanks, I’m kind of full, to which he answered ‘ What were you drinking, steak?’ . There’s no such thing as too much beer for a viking.

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