Old cars and boats

Here’s why you should love your first car forever and never let it go:

  • It’s your first
  • It has witnessed many of your failures and it bears their scars (depending on how much you bumped into things when you were still learning to drive)
  • It has been your shrink and your healer; when you were feeling down you could just hop in, take a ride with the window rolled down and let the wind sweep away your worries.
  • It has accompanied you on your journey this far, and when you look back you remember giving your first lift to your high school posse, feeling like a proper adult or building a snowman on its roof. Not to mention roadtrips. Have you seen that one episode on Supernatural (when it was still bearable to watch)  that was dedicated to the Impala? Watch it, but keep a box of tissues close.
  • It has never let you down, because it was made in the early 90s or before and it refuses to die, because not letting you down is its duty and its privilege.
  • It doesn’t have a USB port or a CD player and the radio is kinda broken so you can sing a capella to the song of your choice and brighten the day of other drivers (or make it worse, depending on how tone-deaf you are)
  • You are pretty good at driving it. After all those years it has become an extension of your body and you know just how much you need to press on the clutch, how heavy your steering wheel is, what kind of noises you should or you shouldn’t be hearing.
  • If it was also the family car that was passed down to you, it’s part of your heritage. How can you let it go? Plus, it’s in every single family album-it’s practically a member of your family

If you do give it away for withdrawal it’s spirit will forever haunt you. One day you’ll be walking down an empty country road at night (don’t ask why) and you’ll come at a crossroad. The devil will be playing Skip James on an old blues guitar and he will stop and look at you with a smirk on his face. ‘Turn around’ he’ll say and you’ll see two bright lanterns coming towards you, and you will know that’s your car, and it’s come to take you home.


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