Beautiful (and sad)



I finished this thing I have been editing since forever so here’s some stills (that don’t reveal much). It’s about a traditional dance called Tsakonikos, that is performed in the Peloponnese. The dancers’ line twists and turns in a snakelike manner, forming different paths. Supposedly this has mythological roots and refers to either the snake of Apollo or the effort of Theseus to navigate Mino’s labyrinth.

Walking through Kerameikos/Metaxourgeio

That’s all from a 10 minute walk from the tube to the shop where I bought filter coffee. I have no clue about street art so I can’t recognize styles and artists…fortunately some of the tags are visible.

A few pics from footage shot during the summer

The footage is from a workshop which was organised in the outdoor courtyard of the archaeological museum of Thessaloniki. The people who participated -mostly archaeology students- got to create clay vases and plates following the ancient Greek method. As per usual, I was given a slightly surreal brief which included the direction ‘ try to make it look ancient’. What they meant was ‘ try not to shoot faces, watches, rings or anything contemporary’. That’s about the best I could manage.