Trip to NYC

Trip to New York City with the film school (from about three years ago). Memorable moments include:

  • The Polish guy not getting a visa,
  • The whole multicultural group abusing each other with racist jokes-with all the best intentions of course.
  • Having four hostel beds to two people
  • The sign over the hostel window which read something like: ‘ Do not open the window, air conditioner might fall’
  • Having to follow the group to Irish pubs every time we went out
  • Having to pay a lot for a drink and even more for service
  • the acting exercise where I had to give some ridiculous gift to my fictional husband on our honeymoon and I almost burst out laughing, only to be congratulated by the tutor who said that when I talked about love, he could see my face lighten up.
  • The awkward moment when the two girls after me had to give a gift to their (still fictional, fortunately) stillborn child and they both cried for real.
  • The director of the school getting punched on the face,on our first night there and turning up bloody outside our room
  • What the hell is a Siamese sprinkler?
  • People asking me for directions because I blend in everywhere I go
  • Paying for my breakfast with tickets in the hostel and getting a bagel, an apple and marmalade every day
  • The Serbian bouncer who asked me where I was from and then happily exclaimed ‘ Ah! so we are brothers!’

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