Feeling the pressure yet?

Elections are upon us yet again and these are some things we need to expect according to international and domestic media:

  • Exit from the eurozone
  • Default
  • Destabilization of the eurozone
  • Loss of Germany’s support
  • Mass suicides of investors
  • Hell fire from the sky
  • Tidal waves sweeping across the land
  • Meteor showers
  • Frogs, flies,locusts etc
  • Zombies- the fast ones as well

Basically, we’re not being told what to vote- we are being told what will happen if we vote wrong and then left with a ‘do whatever you want’. This is exactly what my mother used to do when I was a kid, because she knew that if she directly prohibited me from doing something I would do it anyway. Now can we all agree to keep our TVs turned off for a bit so that we don’t end up breathing into paper bags?



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