Car problems

there's a joke in there, no kidding

An old uni mate posted a story a while ago on social media that might or might not have been true- I think I kind of remember running into him and hearing it live around the same time he put the post up so it might have been:

He wrote that the previous night he had run out of gas inside the university campus. Since there is no gas station nearby, he had to take the bus, then the tube, fill a jerrycan with gas and carry it back to his car.

His main concern was that he would be stopped  by the metro security who would inquire what the liquid was and where he was taking the jerrycan to.  Upon answering ‘ the uni campus’ he was expecting to be detained and for someone to have to go pick him up from a police station.

That didn’t happen after all. He was stopped instead by an anarchist who knew immediately what the liquid he was carrying was and the following dialogue took place:

-hey brother! Where are you going with the gas?

-the uni campus

-nice! preparing for the armed class struggle, are we?

-well, actually I just wanna fill my car up and drive home

-it is a shame for such nice gas to be wasted on a car…