Random key embedded on the pavement



Spoilers ahead

I hate you for leaving me

This season on Vikings: Any character who has been redundant for the plot for a while basically commits suicide. Ragnar still maintains his sense of humor, making everyone cry a bit more. 

So, I was discussing this very important subject of the latest Viking episode with my sister after training, then noticed another girl who was in close proximity looking slightly puzzled. ‘ It’s a tv series we are talking about’, I informed her, so she wouldn’t feel left out.

‘Oh’, she said ‘ I just thought you guys have really exotic friends’ (apparently Nordic=exotic here )

‘Wait-that’s what seemed odd to you?’ my sister intervened, ‘ we were just talking about someone committing a murder, what kind of people do you think we hang out with?’

‘Oh well, you know…whatever floats your boat. Who am I to judge?’

I am glad we are surrounded by such open-minded people.