Musical break(down)

So, I have to finish this design for an Easter card and I need a break because my wrist is starting to hurt…from using a Wacom tablet! wooooooo! -ok, no, seriously this is a huge upgrade for me, my previous tablet cost something like 30 euros.

So while I take a break here’s a list of my ten favorite soundtracks ever (there’s a lot more than ten, but then I need to get back to work):

(The list is in reverse, as is customary with this sort of lists)

10. Ghost in the Shell: Kenji Kawai

If cyberpunk hymns are not your thing then I don’t wanna be your friend

9. Tetsuo: the Iron Man: Ishikawa Chu

…or Ishikawa Tadashi if you are watching Fudoh. Anyone care to explain that?

8. Waltz with Bashir: Max Richter

Story time: I hadn’t slept for two days when I watched this film in the theater. As a result I fell asleep at some point and woke up during the final scene. Those who have seen it will understand how shocking that was.

7. Ravenous: Damon Albarn and Michael Nyman

The most perfectly unfitting soundtrack to any film, ever

6. The assassination of Jesse James by the coward Robert Ford: Nick Cave and Warren Ellis

You can’t really go wrong with this combination. The film is also beautifully shot, the cinematography will actually bring tears to your eyes.

5. Arizona Dream: Iggy Pop and Goran Bregovic

I’ve seen them both live. That’s right, be jealous.

4. Akira: Geinoh Yamashirogumi collective

I was told the soundtrack was recorded prior to the film, which is crazy because one is not complete without the other. It would be like… sandwich without cheese or souvlaki minus the tzatziki (sacrilege).

3. Oldboy: Cho Young Wuk

I Finally got to see one of my favourite films ever on the big screen last year in London. The live orchestra at the end of the screening and the Q&A with this guy more than made up for the long wait.

2. Dead Man: Neil Young

Neil Young. Enough said.

1. IZO: Kazuki Tomokawa

Story time: During what has so far been the luckiest day of my life, I discovered that Kazuki was playing in London by accident. I was walking to the Arcola theatre in Dalston, and just happened to glance at the gigs on the announcement board of the venue next door. I never went to the theater. Kazuki broke a string about three times during the gig; each time this happened he would hold up the guitar in a ceremonial manner and say ‘ guitar change’. It’s impossible not to love Kazuki. Impossible. Miike loved him so much he actually embedded him in his film, so everyone could see just how cool he looks while violating his guitar-in the best way possible.

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