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Archimedes claw

Archimedes apparently was at some point employed by the state of Syracuse to create defense mechanisms to be used in the case of hostile invasions. One such machine was the ‘Iron hand’ or ‘The Claw’ (I would make a Toy Story reference but I would be betraying my age). The Claw was essentially a crane bearing a sort of anchor that would be attached to enemy ships so that they would be lifted up on the air and subsequently let loose to be crushed on the rocks below. Apparently the machine proved to be quite useful and Archimedes was spared the accusation of wasting state money with his crazy inventions.


I’ve been to Thessaloniki three or four times already for work. This time, I had to go pick up some documents from the social security branch of my employer. I was determined to finally have a proper look at the city and I almost made it. I am now convinced that Thessaloniki looks a lot like Izmir, which made the trip kind of nostalgic. Highlights included:

  • Seeing my co-workers again
  • Buying a shirt (yeah it’s been that long since I last went shopping for something other than food)
  • Getting lost on the way to the Biennale site and ending up wandering around the empty HELEXPO area
  • Open air cinema (once again, it’s been ages)
  • Beer tasting with my hostel roomies
  • Getting drenched by sudden rainfall
  • Ordering a souvlaki as an undercover Athenian

How to deal with your government cheating on you

  • Yell at the tv ‘ I never trusted you anyway!’ every time anyone from the government speaks
  • Eat a big bowl of ice cream, like Hollywood has taught you
  • Join a demonstration that feels more like a funeral. If you are asked why you are crying respond with ‘I’m not crying, it’s just tear gas!’
  • Share your feelings with your friends, ruining their day as well in the process
  • Remember the referendum and cry some more. Yell ‘ This is a betrayal!’ with every chance you got.
  • Throw something at the tv and/or radio every time the words ‘government of the left’ are mentioned. Do this with caution when driving
  • Sing partisan songs in the shower until the neighbors tell you to shut up
  • Complain about the heat. Blame the heat for everything.
  • Think about the people that actually voted for Syriza and realise things could be worse. Try not to sympathise and fail
  • Understand that it’s not you, it’s them, cause you were pretty damn clear about your intentions this time round
  • When you are done feeling sorry for yourself, pick yourself up and realise the struggle continues.
  • Be mad once again

I scream