How to deal with your government cheating on you

  • Yell at the tv ‘ I never trusted you anyway!’ every time anyone from the government speaks
  • Eat a big bowl of ice cream, like Hollywood has taught you
  • Join a demonstration that feels more like a funeral. If you are asked why you are crying respond with ‘I’m not crying, it’s just tear gas!’
  • Share your feelings with your friends, ruining their day as well in the process
  • Remember the referendum and cry some more. Yell ‘ This is a betrayal!’ with every chance you got.
  • Throw something at the tv and/or radio every time the words ‘government of the left’ are mentioned. Do this with caution when driving
  • Sing partisan songs in the shower until the neighbors tell you to shut up
  • Complain about the heat. Blame the heat for everything.
  • Think about the people that actually voted for Syriza and realise things could be worse. Try not to sympathise and fail
  • Understand that it’s not you, it’s them, cause you were pretty damn clear about your intentions this time round
  • When you are done feeling sorry for yourself, pick yourself up and realise the struggle continues.
  • Be mad once again

I scream

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