The conservatory

The Barbican is without a doubt the most beautiful building I have ever laid eyes upon.Anyone who thinks this concrete behemoth is anything less than the most sublime architectural construction in London, Europe, the world and the entire known universe is clearly blind and/or a lost, misguided soul.

Unfortunately, it seems my compact camera has prematurely bitten the dust- even though the guys in the shop I bought it from insisted it is working perfectly and that’s ‘the quality it’s supposed to give’.

Anyway, the conservatory is not always open, but is definitely worth a visit. The Barbican seems to be an attempt to incorporate pretty much everything in one blocky maze of cement,bricks, water and metal. At some point someone must have thought they were actually building an ark, because they thought they’d include a conservatory of tropical plants- making it the most cyberpunk thing I have seen in London so far.

If you are lucky enough to find the center quite empty you have a stroll around and pretend you are living in an alternate dystopian future, where everyone has to live in a Barbican style city-building thing, witnessing the final days of this planet, with the sole company of a shitty Sony camera, waiting to take one final horrible shot before the battery runs out.