Star Wars seems to be a thing again, so here’s a Loth-cat. I haven’t watched the new films but I sure hope no one has tried to shove in a CG one.




Realistic cat drawing

I stopped to take this picture and a little girl emerged from the corner and stood there looking at me. Maybe it was her own art or maybe she was wondering why a grown woman had nothing better to do with her time. Either way I smiled awkwardly and disappeared as fast as I could because kids make me nervous; You can’t really ignore them and you can’t really have a proper conversation with them. (or maybe it’s a cultural thing where kids are always accompanied by this flashback/ off-screen voice over thing of mothers asking why they don’t have grandchildren yet)

By the way, how weird is it that most languages have different words for characteristic animal sounds? Granted, most are pretty close but take the sound of the rooster for example: ‘Kikirikou’ in Greek and ‘cock-a-doodle-doo’ in English. How the hell did this happen?

Oh yeah, fun fact: the cats in Greece answer to a ‘psipsipsipsi’ sound. In England they answer to…a prolonged version of the sound that cowboys make to get their horses moving in films…or something of the sort. As a result, if I psipsipsi¬†an English cat it will simply ignore me. I am totally serious, I don’t joke about such matters. I should stop typing now because my train of thought is apparently on a journey where every stop is made out of useless information.